Skin Peels Treatment

Skin Peels - Agera® Rx and Obaji Blue Peels

Skin peels, using special precisely made combinations of chemicals, are one of the most effective ways of getting a younger looking skin and healthy complexion.

Why do we have skin?

Although we all know what skin is (after all we see it every day) it helps to understand the biology of why we need skin. Basically the skin protects our sensitive inner tissues from the harsh conditions outside.

Sun, wind, water, dry conditions, pollution – everything that is harmful to living cells has to be kept out by our skin.

Therefore our skin is a barrier keeping the outside world away from our sensitive tissues and cells. As a barrier, it is not surprising that the skin often gets a bit battered and worn.

Such wear and tear shows on the skin by the development of rough patches, areas of pigmentation and wrinkles.

How can skin be improved?

Facial skin is exposed to the elements most of all. How our faces appear also gives clues to how old we are, how attractive we are and how healthy we are.

Skin peels are one of the most effective ways of rejuvenating our facial skin to make it softer, tighter and more evenly coloured.



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